Launch of JustJobs Project


We are pleased to announce the launch of new “Quick-Impact” income generation project in Kismayo.

Jubaland stabilization and transformation Initiative Through Creation of Job opportunities, Business and Skills (JustJobs) is an innovative pilot employment-intensive project for Kismayo youth & women implemented by KISIMA Peace and Development Organization (KISIMA) and funded by Somalia Stability Fund (SSF).


As part of KISIMA’s ongoing innovative efforts to explore new ideas and secure sustainable funding for viable local programs and projects to address existing youth and women unemployment problems and economic disparity in Somalia, JustJobs aims to achieve three purposes concurrently in an integrated manner which collectively contributes to the attainment of the project goal, reducing youth and women unemployment by creating 412 short term job opportunities (15,050 man/days of work) through community-based Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Public Work (CEIIPW) over the 6 months. The project is designed to achieve its intended outcomes by producing highly visible immediate impact on the local labour market, economy and critical basic social services access and availability by mobilizing and employing large number of vulnerable unemployed youth from the most impoverished areas of town. Dozens of youth gangs will be organized to carry out reconstruction of water sources, construction of sanitation facilities such as communal latrines, public toilets and garbage collection through decent employment-intensive work enshrined in KISIMA’s human rights-based approach. In the short-term this should produce quick impact on the local stabilization agenda at critical period of time the politically and strategically. In addition, the project is designed so to achieve outcomes that bring about results which foster lasting impact and become impetus for change ̶ towards achieving of the project long-term objective. Outcomes that go much beyond the quick impact objective of short-term employment generation which enable improvement from the unsustainable emergency CFW interventions that we have been doing over the past quarter century without much of meaningful, long-term impact to report.


The proposed project directly responds to the objectives of the Somalia Stability Fund - A multi - donor fund designed to build peace and stability in Somalia through improved co-ordination of international support and service delivery. It also responds to the Peace and State building goals (PSGs) of the Federal Government of Somalia and specifically PSG 4 priority of “expanding opportunities for youth employment through job creation and skills development.”


The project will also contribute to several long term objectives of strategic relevance to Somalia in terms of deepening peace and stability, given its focus on youth, who are key component in peace building and state reconstruction process.


The project interventions produce quick and visible results— known as “quick impact” among the traditional aid sector—to demonstrate that things are different in Kismayo as a result of the reconciliation and establishment of IJA institutions, and Somalia as a whole. Potential project public works activities will include rehabilitating local infrastructure, cleaning the streets from the rubble of recently demolished buildings and collection and disposal of plies of rubbish and waste, rehabilitation of shallow wells and construction latrines and public toilets around target areas of town. The proposed labor intensive public works will be executed in innovate, non-traditional ways to ensure that it contributes to increasing local ownership over development, supporting the peace process, and building capacity over the long term.