Donors, Funding Sources & Partners

  • UN agencies:  UNHCR, FAO, OCHA
  • INGOs:  NRC, AET
  • Somali Diaspora:  Australian, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, and USA communities
  • Private individuals:  Various local and international individual donors
  • Members: Annual membership fees/members contributions


KISIMA is a member or affiliate in the following institutions or entities:

  • Somali Human Rights Organizations Network (SHRN),
  • Somalia NGO Consortium (KISIMA is Puntland Regional Focal Point),
  • Somali Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) Board,
  • Somalia Health Advisory Board (HAB);
  • Somalia AISC Clusters in Nairobi (FSC, Protection, Health, WASH, Nutrition etc)
  • Somalia Livestock Working Group (along with FAO, VSF-Germany, COOPI etc.)
  • Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA),
  • Coexistence Centre and Human Rights Group (G10)
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