KISIMA was founded in Kismayo in 1998 as non-governmental, nonprofit organization with its main aim being in response to the civilian devastation caused by one of the worst active conflicts in the country – the Juba region conflict. Its initial focus was Human Rights and humanitarian protection of the populations in Juba region, esp. in Kismayo town. As a result KISIMA became unpopular among the warring parties and hence was targeted.

KISIMA has lost many volunteer staff over the past 15 years in the Juba regions including 2 executive directors before our current director (I.e., Isse Abdi Isse in 2007, and Abdirashid H. Elmi in 2008).

In response to the non-stop violence and targeted killings against its staff during Al-Shabab’s rule in the Juba regions (2008-2012); KISIMA decided to start working with other more secure communities and in 2009 started operations in Puntland regions. KISIMA has also opened a Liaison office in Nairobi in 2010. In 2011 KISIMA has opened office in Mogadishu and 2013 in Bossaso

Since its establishment KISIMA HQOs were in Kismayo. However, between 2010-2012 KISIMA’s Nairobi office acted as a temporary Headquarter but, January 2013; KISIMA decided to move the its HQs to Puntland and currently Garowe is the headquarters office

KISIMA implements humanitarian and development projects and is engaged in several sectors including Peace, human right and Democracy, food security, Health, WASH and Protection over 50 staff of different field of experts (Both National and international staff)

KISIMA is currently partnering with  

  • UN agencies: UNHCR, FAO, OCHA
  • Somali Diaspora: Australian, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, and USA communities
  • Private individuals: Various local and international individual donors
  • Members: Annual membership fees/members contributions 
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